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2007-09-19 02:03:15 by BlindObject

Bacon Egg and Cheese.


Damn it!

2007-07-20 02:27:07 by BlindObject

I got banned. :(

24 hours to go!!

Also, talk to me on aim or myspace.
I'm very friendly. While I don't come to NG. I'll probably be visiting Photoshop.

Oh, hai guise.

2007-07-18 02:47:18 by BlindObject

I love this new design. It looks gorgeous! I still have to go around and look around the new stuff. I feel like downloading some music and just blasting it. Watching flashes isn't really the thing right now. I'm deff coming to NG more. Also, I need to make a new old one got deleted. :(

I heard the new filesize is big for sigs. Maybe I can get real creative this time with photoshop.

Well, first posts always suck. So, good night.